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8 Ways to Effectively Use LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn groups provide a platform for professionals with similar interests and those in the same industry to connect with each other. It is a great way for small and new businesses to grow their network and build their brand value. These groups can help your business establish itself as an industry expert, but you need to follow the best practices to ensure you make the most of it.

Here are 8 ways you can get the maximum return from using LinkedIn Groups.LinkedIn Groups

1. Do your research before joining any group – Before joining any group, identify if that’s where your prospective customers are, and whether it is relevant to your industry. Also, check if these groups are active and have larger number of members. Joining the right group will solve your purpose effectively.

2. Create your own group and be active – Create your own LinkedIn group to build your community. Share industry news and new trends which can prove helpful for people joining your group. Ensure you actively participate in discussions, share good quality and relevant content.

3. Don’t overdo promotions – Use the groups to build a network and encourage thought provoking discussions rather than self-promoting your business. This will keep the group members engaged and drive traffic to your company profile.

4. Give a personal touch to your posts – Try to post as an individual rather than as a company. This can be done by getting your company’s social media manager to participate using their personal profile. When you are posting as a company, it becomes obvious that you are trying to sell your product.

5. Follow group rules – Make sure you follow the rules that are set by the group owner. This will avoid you being removed from the group and losing the chance to engage with potential customers.

6. Conduct market research – Conduct polls, researches, and ask questions in groups that represent your market. These will help you get feedback on your products and services. However, make sure you don’t sound like you are trying to make a sale.

7. Use high-quality visuals – Add images, videos and infographics to your content as this helps grasp the attention of the viewer more quickly than just textual information.

8. Be consistent–If you are posting and getting involved in conversations only once a month, viewers won’t be able to develop trust because you are not consistent. The more involved you are in discussions; the more likely people would want to engage with you and increase your company’s visibility.

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