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Get Traffic from Sites with Broken Links

You know what the most awful thing is when you are browsing through a website. The dreaded #404 error. Dead links hurt and contribute to a poor user experience and nobody wants to have broken links on their website.   Many sites have broken links and this is a area which you can explore to build up the link building  [ Read More ]

What is guest blogging? Guest blogging is pitching another website in your niche for publishing a unique well-written article that has backlinks to your site. How does it work?   This is an example of a guest post. You can see how cleverly their website is linked back with the ‘The SEO Project’ anchor text.       How do  [ Read More ]

Entrepreneurship as a Method

It’s time to put your thinking cap on! Ever wondered if we have been judging entrepreneurship the wrong way? Are we confining it to be just a subject taught in B-schools or a sub-discipline of management or economics? We never think entrepreneurship as a method. If we are doing it, we are making a mistake of falling into a category  [ Read More ]

Irrespective of the tactic most people use, they all struggle to build effective links to their site. Here, in this article, I want to share 9 easy but very effective link building strategies that will help you build needle-moving links and drive more traffic. The first one is OUTREACH STRATEGY. Outreach  Outreach is contacting websites in your niche and educating them about  [ Read More ]

Find the Right opportunities for innovation

No, innovation is not a magic! Nor it’s like shooting for the stars. If you are able to identify customers who are struggling to solve a long-pending problem, you have innovated ‘something’. To be more precise, you have uncovered a new and viable opportunity for innovation. How to identify the best opportunity for innovation around? Well, here we go! First  [ Read More ]

Did Somebody Say New Zoom Virtual Backgrounds?

The Zoom Virtual Background feature has been made to help you display an image or video as your background during a Zoom Meeting. To experience the best virtual background effect, Zoom recommends you to use a solid green color background and uniform lighting. With these recommended settings, Zoom detects the difference between you and your background easily. This feature also  [ Read More ]

Why Are Micro Influencers Vital to Brands?

You may have been hearing the buzz about the term ’Micro influencers’, if you are into digital marketing. Yes, the tide is turning in favor of the ’Micro influencers’ these days as more and more brands are looking at them as a viable marketing option. Who exactly are micro-influencers? They are individuals considered experts/specialists in their respective fields. They can  [ Read More ]

Is Leadership an Art or a Science?

Let’s get it straight! Leadership has a direct role to play in shaping outcomes of businesses, and livelihoods for that matter. And, with this immense power, questions of integrity and leadership ethics may also surface from time to time. Therefore, it’s the need of the hour to have a close look at how leaders can impact people through their actions  [ Read More ]

Don’t Get Your Social Media Strategies Wrong.

Social media doesn’t give you superhuman abilities to attract people against their will to follow you and your business. Let’s not get into the trap of the followers bandwagon. Because they are not going to help you sell more. It is really an illusion. Come to think of it. If you suddenly have one million followers in your Instagram today,  [ Read More ]

Resetting business Post COVID-19 is the most important initiative that every business has to welcome and embrace. The pandemic caused by COVID-19  has been a tough break for small as well as large businesses that are trying their best to chalk the survival strategies to deal with the pandemic. The global lockdown is hitting economies hard, and the future seems challenging amid  [ Read More ]