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Authors and speakers need stress free time to condition their thoughts into words that are completely inimitable. They are also so consumed in creating their own vision for the world that they miss out on a lot of important things when it comes to promoting themselves and their brand image. A Virtual Assistant can come to their rescue to execute  [ Read More ]

The core of any business is undisputedly its marketing and promotional activities. An excellent marketing strategy can do wonders for your business. Similarly cruddy marketing events can lead to an inefficient business promotion. Businesses use innovative and unique marketing strategies from time to time to stay ahead of their competitors. Marketing as a whole is a wide concept. There are  [ Read More ]

Supply chain segment is at a booming stage. While it may not be possible for many stakeholders and supply chain business owners to get hold of experienced and specialised manpower to cater to their business needs, they can always involve a virtual assistant to give them a helping hand wherever needed. Virtual Assistants are so named because they are virtual.  [ Read More ]

Do you need to hire a virtual assistant?

What are virtual assistants? A virtual assistant can be defined as an independent contractor who works from home providing administrative, creative or technical support by utilizing advanced technological modes of communication and data delivery. The various services provided by a VA can be categorized under virtual assistance, writing assistance, website assistance, graphics assistance, virtual reception, infusionsoft assistance etc. A virtual  [ Read More ]

How to Outsource your Email Inbox

The most important communication medium for us next to our smartphones is undoubtedly an email. Electronic mails have replaced the age old traditional telegrams. They are now used for business collaborations, for exchanging data, for sending invites, for interacting with friends, especially the long distance ones. Just like we check our phones for notifications, we tend to constantly check our  [ Read More ]

Modern Approach to Productivity

Productivity comes from being efficient and efficiency comes from doing more in less time. Productivity is the rate of output against per unit of input. Executives, entrepreneurs, business tycoons and everyone around are changing their approach to achieve maximum output in their efforts towards work and life. With the changing times, productivity relies more on smart work rather than hard  [ Read More ]

Setting up a small business, be it offline or online, is not without challenges and a helping hand would always be welcome. The world of business is undoubtedly fast paced and a constantly evolving one, thanks to the ever-increasing impact of technology. Hence, businesses of today are left with no option but to understand and apply the huge potential of  [ Read More ]

No man is ever busy, it is all about priorities

“No man is ever busy, it is all about priorities.” Truly said, however in this fast moving age, we have more work to do than we have time in hand. We can’t get enough of time ever in this combative and aggressive environment. All of us want to get ahead. Time is short for everyone. We all have those to  [ Read More ]

How the virtual assistant world will look in 2019

Recent years have witnessed a phenomenal growth and greater acceptance of virtual assistants in the works fronts. In the present global market scenario, wherein multitasking ability with efficient management skill of workers plays the key to success for any organization, the importance of virtual assistance is realized. Enabling organizations to reduce their overall expenses, these exceptionally professional virtual remote assistants  [ Read More ]

Are you a small-scale or large-scale business maker who is constantly in a race of combating deadlines? In short, you are facing the race against time real hard and there is something that you definitely need to do about it. Reducing your work hours and thereby, reducing your general productivity and growth might not be an option, there is another  [ Read More ]