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How to Make Meetings Enjoyable?

Are you tired of boring meetings? Want to know the secret behind a successful meeting? Want everyone’s contribution to the conference? Then you have arrived at the right destination!  We have often come across long meetings that turned out to be boring with no conclusion or lacking direction. These meetings lack productivity, having no motive. And there’s no denying the  [ Read More ]

Basic Website Tips for Every Business Owner

What are the #SEO (Search Engine Optimization) basics to ensure your site reaches the people you want to it to reach out to? Here are some basic website tips for every business owner. Firstly, your website should have a strong #foundation. The structure of the site should be such that the pages should load faster, information should be easier to  [ Read More ]

Use Your Time Wisely

Answer this quickly. Your time starts now – What is the most precious asset anyone can have? Property? Bank balance? Sorry, I choose to differ! If you mark my words, time is the most precious asset we have. But, it’s a fast diminishing asset. It’s always ticking and we always race against it. But, not many of us look to  [ Read More ]

The Future Isn’t Written Until You Write It

How dependent are you on the luck ‘factor’ to write your future. Well, it’s one sure way to do it and it only works if you are blessed 😃. It’s like dreaming your way into the future. For most normal people like us luck doesn’t take us anywhere! And there is another approach, the second approach, where you cut your  [ Read More ]

Standup and Own it When You Fail

#Winning at anything requires #hardwork and #dedication? But inspite of putting in the right kind of effort and doing everything that is needed, there are bound to be setbacks. But, the earlier we realize in our careers that the failures are stepping stones to success, the less stressful we are going to make it for ourselves. You should take every  [ Read More ]

Content creation is the future

Content is the new ‘buzzword’ everywhere! You can make a great career out of ‘contents’. Effective content creation leads to the success of a business. Don’t believe this? Go through this blog. Thanks to content creators, ideas have become more accessible now. They do not need any prior experience. All they need is a great idea. They do not even  [ Read More ]

Cost Leadership, Differentiation, Focus

How critical are ‘strategies’ for a business? Well, it’s just an understatement to say that strategies are critical to business success. You must have a proper strategy in place, if you want to stand tall amidst competition. Here, we will discuss different types of business level strategies put forward by Michael Porter, a highly regarded professor from the Harvard Business  [ Read More ]

Can Micro Blogging Make you a Better Writer?

When Twitter came into our world, social media phobes were scared that it was going to bring an end of language by creating a vocabulary apocalypse.  Twitter, as we know, is a micro blogging site that restricts your posts to only 260 characters and this restriction may seem absurd for a writer. But this restriction on characters could actually help  [ Read More ]

Entrepreneurship as a Method

It’s time to put your thinking cap on! Ever wondered if we have been judging entrepreneurship the wrong way? Are we confining it to be just a subject taught in B-schools or a sub-discipline of management or economics? We never think entrepreneurship as a method. If we are doing it, we are making a mistake of falling into a category  [ Read More ]

Find the Right opportunities for innovation

No, innovation is not a magic! Nor it’s like shooting for the stars. If you are able to identify customers who are struggling to solve a long-pending problem, you have innovated ‘something’. To be more precise, you have uncovered a new and viable opportunity for innovation. How to identify the best opportunity for innovation around? Well, here we go! First  [ Read More ]