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Digital Marketing Lessons from the Current Crisis

Digital Marketing Lessons from the Current Crisis 

The current pandemic, without an iota of doubt, has brought in quite a few unprecedented challenges for the business community. It has allowed us to think about the realities attached to communication and to digital marketing, in particular. We need to take important lessons from this phase, so that, we regain our lost grounds and become better prepared to hit the ‘shores’ again, when we are finally free from the ‘claws’ of this pandemic.  

Here are some possible lessons we have learnt and some of the actions we should undertake to be positioned better for the future- 

Maintain a social media presence at any cost 

Irrespective whatever your personal reservations are about Facebook or Twitter, your business just can’t avoid them. You need to keep your audience engaged through social channels. You need to embrace the current situation and strengthen your digital content. Invest to make your content more engaging so that your Google ranking is impacted positively. This investment will not only help you now, but will also help your business to drive home the advantage, once the crisis is over. 

Digital Marketing

Be more careful in hiring your digital media experts 

Digital marketing is a specialized job and you must make sure to assign your digital marketing tasks to the ‘right’ person. It’s even more important in such an ‘uncertain time’ as it is now. If you have not done till now, it’s high time you invest on an experienced digital marketing expert, who would provide the much-needed boost and reliability to your social media posts/campaigns. 

Find multiple avenues to improve digital marketing communications 

Take multiple approaches and resort to assistance from multiple industries, if you want to ‘weather this storm’ the way you like. Call upon expertise from other industries (telecom services, eCom providers, insurance agencies and so on) and try to expand the awareness of your services through them. 

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