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Get a Little Curious

Human intellect is very powerful.

The first step towards change.

We all agree that it’s our intellectual capacity that separates us from others.

It’s human intellect that makes us aware of ourself, our life, how to live, and teaches us to respond to the environment around.

So it isn’t really rocket science to understand that we should always be in the pursuit to enhance our intellect to make our life more significant and worthwhile.

Ok, so you are like, “Tell me, what are you hinting at”? Well, there are a few things to look at. Maybe some seem obvious, maybe not. But here goes.

à Find out Your Blind Spots

We all have blind spots. These are actually the things about us we are not aware of. These spots stop us from making rational assessments about others and ourselves. They distort our thinking and prevent us from accepting others’ viewpoints.

Human Intellect

There is no way we can escape from them. However, by identifying them, we can minimize them. We can make a constant effort to think better. We can learn to question our assumptions and improve our decision making processes. We may do this by identifying all blind spots that may trigger an action/response which we may regret later on. This will help us to improve our intellect.

àLearn New Skills outside your Domain

Crossing over to new domains and learning new skills are going to improve our intellectual capacity in a big way. You can select your own cross-domain topics / courses that can extract the best out of you. You can set your own approach and pace to learn new skills. You can rely on online courses documentaries, podcasts, books and TED talks, etc to explore the topic of your choice. These new challenges will give your mind a perfect exercise. They will stretch the limits of “You”.

àChoose Unusual Hobbies

Pick up unusual hobbies. They will pose different challenges to your mind. Involve yourself in hands-on artistic hobbies. These will make some awesome brain connections and will stretch you mentally and physically. You will experience improvements in your intellectual capacity and build new pathways to rewarding endeavours. We are talking neurobics here.

Unusual hobbies??

Web Designer à Painting
Writer àDigital Photography
Programmerà Play an instrument, draw, invest

Choose your adventure, get curious, and push past what you already know to become a better human for yourself and for the world.

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