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leadsIf you have ever done lead generation for your business, you will agree how tedious it is. When you have to build up a large list of potential contacts to market your product or service to, it can seem to be so much of a daunting task. The key here is to set ambitious yet achievable goals by hiring Virtual Assistants.


Break up the overall lead generation target into smaller achievable units and attack the goal step by step with day to day obligations. Make the utmost use of Google sheets or excel to track how changes in certain parameters affect the overall campaign.

Each of the conversion metric needs to be tracked on a daily basis so as to reach the maximum number of new prospects.


Virtual Assistants are practically based all over the world with India and Philippines being two of the countries where most of the Virtual Assistants are based. They have excellent fluency in English and are well versed with the Western culture which makes things a lot easier. You can hire VAs from hiring services such as Upwork who are the market leaders. The financial obligation per month with these services is minimal on a weekly or monthly basis

One of the best advantages of using a hiring service such as Upwork is that it manages the entire process of interviewing and hiring the VA from the start till the end. You get a pool of talent to choose from and once you have gone through the interview process through video calling or Skype you can engage a VA on a temporary basis, say probably to research 100 leads for you. If things go well you can extend the contract. Communicate well with the VA by letting him or her iterate each step of the process and always ask them to check in with you once they have found the first 10 leads. This will help prevent any misunderstanding and successful completion of the project.

There are different lead research methodologies which the VAs use with the primary databases being LinkedIn, ZoomInfo and the primary email validation tools being Rapportive and EmailHunter.


Like any other new staff, VAs too need training and guidance, so it is best take a good look at several VA profiles before hiring the one with the required skills. Once the hiring is done, the best bet is to take small steps and ask the VA to keep you in the loop at least at the initial stages. But skilled VAs have very good experience, so don’t really be afraid to give them the freedom to utilise their expertise to your best advantage. You will probably realize that VAs are very resourceful and they have certain methodologies and research techniques you may not have heard of.

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