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Link Reclamation

Link reclamation is the process of pitching the corresponding website to place your lost link back. We have learned how difficult it is to build backlinks. What if you witness your site losing some or a few of the backlinks which you had built through a lot of hard work and dedication? It will be a frustrating experience. Won’t it?







Unfortunately, it does happen sometimes!

Here is an example of the lost backlinks to


Why does this happen?

The most common reasons for losing links are:

Reason 1 – The link was removed from the relevant page for some reason

If the author either updates or revamps the content of the website, your link may get lost as a byproduct of that process or action.

To see such lost links, Visit – Site Explorer > enter your domain > Backlinks > Lost > look for instances of “link removed”

BacklinkIn the above case, the content was rewritten and thus the link got removed. The next step here should be reviewing the new content to see the appropriate place where your link will fit into. Then, reach the site and request them to add your link back politely.

Reason 2 – The linking page ceased to exist.


Sometimes, the author chooses to delete the page. In that case, you can do almost nothing. But if the page mistakenly gets deleted, you can reach the owner and request them to place your link back.

The site owner is likely to be happy to learn about the accidental deletion, and reinstate the page usually along with your backlink.

Link reclamation is a healthy and helpful thing. Instead of striving to balance the lost links with the regular link building process, reclaiming lost links is often considered to be a much easier approach. Besides that, it can also be the catalyst to a great relationship which may help you get more backlinks in the future.

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