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Make Customers Central to Your Business Growth

Why do companies start businesses? It’s for the customers, right? Looking after your customers and their requirements is the most important factor for business growth. All the companies are aware of it. Yet, most of them make the mistake of not putting customers at the centre of their ‘vision’. Don’t make this cardinal mistake, if you want to see your business grow to its full potential.

You may ask me now, how to make customers central to your growth? Here it goes!

It’s a no brainer actually! Identifying the customer has to be the first step in this direction. Look at the people you interact with and identify your prospective customers from them. If you don’t have a clear picture of who your customers are, you will find issues all along the line.

The next step is to understand the needs of your customers. Do your primary research to identify the customer personas and with these, try to find out answers to some pertinent questions-what issues are they trying to sort out? Why should they purchase from you? Use these personas to build relationships with the customers and to give them a great experience.Business Growth

Next, you should outline your customer lifecycle. It’s nothing but the overall relationship of a customer with your company. A proper understanding of the customer lifecycle and its distinct phases (need, consideration, selection, purchase, experience, loyalty and exit) would help you nurture the customer relationship.

Next, you should walk into your customer’s shoes and map his journey as he interacts with your company. This will provide clarity and help your employees to work towards enhancing customer experience.

Next, listen to your customers. Stimulate their response and value their feedbacks, coming on their own terms, on their preferred communication modes.

Lastly, it’s time to infuse the findings received so far, into everything your company does. Train your employees, communicate with them and reward them for their efforts to delight the customers consistently.

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