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360 Degrees Virtual Assistance

How a Virtual Assistant can help your Small Business

“Jack of all trades; master of none”. This said, we all know that a master cannot be a jack of all trades. Even if he is, in the given era, he cannot do everything at the same time. We all need a little help every now and then. If you are an entrepreneur who has a small team and the  [ Read More ]

Importance of lean Logistics

Reducing cost, time and inventory is the objective of almost every supply chain management system and logistics company. Competitive environment intermittently changes the way we run our business and challenges us for periodical improvement. Adaptation of scientifically proven techniques and methods helps to keep us on par with the fast moving industry. The retort to constantly achieve this and improve  [ Read More ]

What is a business disruption? We can see the changes happening in lives and everywhere else these days and technology has been the driving force behind most of these changes. The broad field of business has been no exception either. Business disruption is the new buzz going around in the business landscape these days. It describes the disruptive challenges to  [ Read More ]

The 10 Skills You Will Need By 2020

According to the World Economic Forum, the professional world is already struck by the Fourth Industrial Revolution or the Industry 4.0 as they call it. As it converges tech advancements in digital, biological and physical technologies, changes will be much more prominent in the global economy as a whole by 2020. Developments in the field of autonomous transport, robotics, artificial  [ Read More ]

Being perfectionist: How good or bad is this?

Are you termed as a perfectionist by your friends? Any idea how good or bad being a perfectionist is? It depends, as per psychologists. Ever thought what geniuses like Michael Jackson, Steve Jobs and Leonardo Da Vinci had in common?  They were talented, and of course, they were perfectionists. In simple terms, anyone who has the tendency to refuse any  [ Read More ]

Someone rightly said, “The key to success is to focus your minds on things you can acquire not the things you fear” So, what is a goal? As defined in the dictionary it is a dream with a finishing date. In this world of perfection reaching a midpoint would mean that we have reached the midpoint of our goal. But  [ Read More ]

Starting a business is hard work. It involves a lot of determination and passion. You envisage a vision for your business, plan a strategy, set up the blue prints, work out the finances and make arrangements to conceptualize your business vision. Your hard work starts to pay off in the long term. But as and when your business reaps success,  [ Read More ]

The crux of any business is strategy and execution. If you are an entrepreneur, there are many important decisions that you will need to make whilst steering the wheels of your trade. Though, business instincts, rationalisation, and experience play a great role in implementing these decisions, it doesn’t hurt to rely on statistical and economic analysis from time to time  [ Read More ]

5 Easy Apps to Manage your Blog

Bloggers who are hoping to create their own blogs and then go professional to make money through blogging must be aware of the right tools to give their blogging career the right start. A blog helps to collect ideas from other blogs that can be useful in one’s life. It is a powerful tool used in connecting people with friends  [ Read More ]

7 Steps to Build an Awesome Personal Brand

In this present world, it goes without saying that every individual should acquire his or her own personal brand. Building a personal brand can help in searching a better job, promotion or growing one’s own network. To reach personal goals, individuals need to market themselves in a manner similar to how marketers often do to market their services and products.  [ Read More ]