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360 Degrees Virtual Assistance

We all know how important newsletters are to keep in touch with potential clients and customers. Mailchimp is an awesome and powerful tool to grow your business, but with all its features, I am sure it has you confused. More so when you have to do it week after week, you tend to feel stressed out! But there is a  [ Read More ]

Do You Own the First Hour of Your Work Day?

The world’s most promising entrepreneurs take the help of Virtual Assistants to start and grow their business. Here are some case studies as to how eight entrepreneurs who were in different situations benefited by using a Virtual Assistant. Names have been changed to maintain privacy.   SCHEDULING OVERWHELMED HIM Tony – Scheduling meetings and calls daily, managing emails each and  [ Read More ]

50 Things a Virtual Assistant Can Do for You

A virtual assistant is almost like secretary or an executive assistant for you but without the small details you have to take care of with a permanent employee. For example when you are on vacation, you need not be worried of having to pay your assistant even because you are not fully utilizing his or her services while you are  [ Read More ]

World’s leading social network Facebook has recently acquired WhatsApp for $19B, the popular messaging service that has revolutionized the telecom industry.  As a result of this acquisition, the entire team of WhatsApp would be joining Facebook with the objective of making the world more connected. Both Facebook and Whatsapp intend to come up with services that would facilitate people to  [ Read More ]

The booming Indian economy and its favorable government policies have encouraged countless aspiring entrepreneurs to start up their business. India is one of the major hubs for businesses of all kinds and there is immense potential in India for exploring opportunities for virtual offices.  For small businesses, it is essential to create a good first impression for attracting business partners  [ Read More ]

Social Media Obsession. Is it Really Worth your Time?

The Internet presents countless things to distract you when you are trying to focus on work.  But of all distractions, Facebook is apparently the only site where you find yourself most of the time. Though world’s largest social networking site, Facebook originated in the USA, Americans are surprisingly not obsessed with Facebook unlike people from Russia, Philippines, Egypt and several  [ Read More ]

Social Media & Legal Risks at Workplace

Social media has changed the way we communicate. Now you can tweet and broadcast every little detail of your life on the Internet. Though the social media has several advantages, it has also created several legalized challenges for employers who are looking for new ways to control social media so as to reduce the legal risk that might crop up  [ Read More ]

Work ethics imply certain moral principles that every employee should abide by in his/her job. In order to run a business and to achieve your business goals, it is highly essential to maintain a strong work ethic. Each and every employee of an organization must follow good work ethics so that the company can stand out in the market. Here  [ Read More ]

Tips to Use Facebook as a Job Searching Tool

Facebook, world’s largest social network can be an effective tool to find jobs as well as for talent hunt. Here are few ways how you can use Facebook for job hunting. Mention your professional history in your profile: Though LinkedIn is the ideal place for placing your resume and posting the summary of your professional life and your academic achievements,  [ Read More ]

It is very obvious for you to carry your mobile phone with you while traveling but most of you are not aware of the SIM card requirements that you should abide by while travelling overseas. Here are few important tips to guide you: Firstly, ensure that your mobile phone is compatible with the network in the country you are planning  [ Read More ]