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lifestyleAccording to a latest survey, half of the adults are of the opinion that their stress levels have gone up owing to work-related tensions. Almost one-third of people start contemplating about work the moment they wake up in the morning. The survey further revealed that 1 out of 5 workers manage to prepare their dinner only after 9pm and almost 40 percent of women and one third of men depend on caffeine for getting through a hectic working day.

Balancing your work with your personal life can be a nerve-racking struggle. Majority of employees across the globe feel that they have an unbalanced work and personal life. The problem with employees is that while some feel their lives are totally engrossed in work, others describe themselves as stressed and unhappy as their professional life has seriously affected their personal relationships leading to poor health. Working beyond office hours, lack of sleep and an improper diet takes a toll on the health and wellbeing of people.

An improper diet contributes drastically to the emotions of discontent. Many employees skip meals regularly to get their work done. However, this is not the right approach to climb the ladder of success. To lead a happy and content life, you need to follow a healthy lifestyle including a healthy diet. According to experts, almost a third of men and three quarters of women are conscious of the fact that their diet directly affects their stance about life.

Long working hours have seriously affected personal relationships of workers and resulted in regular arguments with their partners leading to break-ups and even divorces. Putting extra hours at work has severely affected the family life of workers as they get less time to spend with their kids.

Moreover, employees who spend more time working suffer from severe mental fatigue as they hardly get adequate sleep. Long working hours also causes insomnia in some employees while others often have to deal with disturbed sleep.

Finding the perfect balance in work and personal life is highly essential for your mental as well as physical health. It is high time to switch to improve your well being by a healthy lifestyle. Some of the steps that you should follow to lead a healthy lifestyle are as follows:

1. Eat healthy
2. Exercise regularly
3. Go for walks
4. Get adequate sleep
5. Don’t work beyond office hours
6. Take 10 minutes break every hour to stretch your body
7. Go for vacations or weekend getaways with friends and family
8. Make a time table and follow it religiously.

The above mentioned tips will help you in carving out new boundaries and creating novel ways to balance your work and personal life.

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