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Blended Business Model: Remote Work in 2020 with Traditional Employees & Virtual Assistants

The blended remote work business model has come to the forefront once again, considering the unimagined circumstances the world is going through right now. In fact, there will be a surge of remote working around the world, in the year 2020 and beyond.

Businesses worldwide have now acknowledged that the internet has given them an opportunity to scale faster. They are increasingly adopting the blending business model, where they actually jell their remote and physical resources together.

In such a blended model, businesses allow a group of traditional employees to work in their offices and another group works virtually. Hiring virtual assistants is fast becoming the norm. These virtual assistants ‘come’ with their own software and equipment and do not consume precious office space well. The business saves a lot of overhead costs.

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant can shoulder a lot of day-to-day responsibilities and help the management to maintain smooth operations. Virtual assistants can be made to take care of repetitive works. This way, the physical team gets more focus and freedom on their core activities.

Having a virtual assistant does not necessarily mean any ‘job threat’ for traditional employees. The blended business model ensures that entrepreneurs can close more deals in less time. This means more work and more income for the business and the traditional employees can only gain from such an improved scenario.

Blended Business Model

The blended business model provides a win-win proposition for all kinds of businesses and small businesses troubled by this economic downtime can extract immediate benefits by implementing this model. They can employ virtual assistants to do all kinds of works normally done by local executives but at a significantly lesser cost. Blended teams can even ensure entrepreneurs and startups’ competitive advantage over top-tier companies in their respective industries.

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