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The Internet presents countless things to distract you when you are trying to focus on work.  But of all distractions, Facebook is apparently the only site where you find yourself most of the time. Though world’s largest social networking sitsocialmediaaddictione, Facebook originated in the USA, Americans are surprisingly not obsessed with Facebook unlike people from Russia, Philippines, Egypt and several other developing nations. These countries have surpassed the US as far as the percentage of Facebook users is concerned.

A study was recently conducted by Pew Research Centre that surveyed 24 nations that use internet. The study revealed that majority of internet users in the surveyed countries use social media regularly. However, the number of smart phone users in these countries are still very less. According to the study, people in these countries use social networking sites to share their viewpoints on several topics such as politics, culture and religion. Besides this, social networking sites also help them stay in touch with their friends and family.

The report also revealed the following statistics—

  1. Only 23% of people in Indonesia go online.
  2. 12% of people go online in Uganda.
  3. 8% of people go online in Pakistan.

The internet has become an essential part of the daily life of people living in developing nations. Over half of the internet users in the surveyed countries affirmed that they get online on a daily basis. Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are the most common destination for these internet users.

The study revealed that of all developing nations, Egypt tops the list for using social networking sites with 88% of internet users logging on to Facebook and other similar social sites. Egypt is followed by Russia and Philippines with 86% of internet users that use social networking sites regularly.