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The Future Isn’t Written Until You Write It

How dependent are you on the luck ‘factor’ to write your future. Well, it’s one sure way to do it and it only works if you are blessed 😃. It’s like dreaming your way into the future. For most normal people like us luck doesn’t take us anywhere!

Luck FactorAnd there is another approach, the second approach, where you cut your own deal. You just don’t dream without a vision. You express your vision in terms of a #MissionStatement. You # your #dream on your #future horizon, but with a sense of #reality attached.

In this approach, you have a #ConcretePlan and that is what separates you from others. You
decide where to go and how to reach there. Unlike the first approach, the word ‘if’ does not
bother you. You are more concerned on the word ‘how’. You approach your future with an
#achievable dream on the #horizon and with a glitter of #certainty.

What is the key to this #approach?

It’s the plan. Your #plan will take you through towards your future goal. What are the ‘features’ of an effective plan?

Firstly, a good plan specifies #actions. These actions will help you take better control of things, instead of reacting to them.

Secondly, a good plan sets a time frame. This gives your plan the much-needed #momentum to achieve your future goal within a specified time.

Thirdly, a good plan is a flexible one. As you would discover, circumstances will play their own part in your future. You should be flexible enough to make room for contingencies.

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