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enrepreneur-coupleEvery entrepreneur is stressed for time. There are a multitude of daily errands that stop them from concentrating on the most pressing aspects of their business. Doing these daily routine tasks is actually a misuse of their time as it brings down their productivity. They would rather spend this time on other tasks which require more skills and domain knowledge.

Entrepreneurs who have learnt the art of being successful have also realized the significance of time and therefore don’t believe in doing everything themselves (especially the routine tasks that can be handled by an assistant). They spot the tasks that can be delegated and recruit help in the form of virtual assistants or administrative assistants.

With the advancement of technology and with the opening up of different communication channels, a large number of entrepreneurs have started utilizing the services of either part time or full time virtual assistants because of the numerous benefits and advantages they bring to the table. This gives the entrepreneurs the opportunity to save time and hence focus on their business and enjoy their family life.

Before taking the decision to hire a VA one should know whether it is really what they need or not? Here are some top reasons why one should hire a virtual assistant:

1. You are bogged Down with Administrative Duties

In his article the renowned expert Micheal Hyatt explains that if you get into a loop with administrative tasks, which stop you from focusing on the larger picture, it is an indication that you should hire a virtual assistant. This will mean a lot of cost savings both in terms of time and money.

2. Relieve Yourself from the Burden and Restrictions of Hiring a Full Time Employee

Time Parker in this write up effectively demonstrates why hiring a Virtual Assistant is more cost effective than hiring a full time employee. You don’t require any office space, don’t have to pay any taxes, there are no utility bills and the list of benefits is endless.

3. Pay as You Go without any Fixed Cost.

Hiring a virtual assistant means that you only have to pay for the time that is used for working on your projects and tasks.  The industry expert Rita Catwright says that, if you can do without a full time employee, then rather than recruiting a temporary employee from a staffing consultant company, it makes better business sense to hire an on demand Virtual assistant.

4. Face It. It is Impossible to do Everything Yourself

Every task requires some special skill sets so that the work is completed successfully. Everyone cannot be a jack of all trades and do everything. There are some tasks like Social Media Marketing (SMM), Search Engine Optimisation (SEO),  WordPress, Mailchimp, etc. which are perfect stuff that can be farmed out to virtual assistants as they do this all the time.

5. Congratulations, your Business is growing by Leaps and Bounds.

When a business grows it means more work hours and more stress. This results in less productivity and even lesser family time. But if you are aware of the trends and plan out things well in advance and hire help in a timely manner, everything will seem to be a breeze and no matter how fast your business grows you will always be prepared for the challenge.

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