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Unlinked mentions of your business

An unlinked mention of your business is a reference of your business on another site without a clickable link.

unlinked mention







See this example:

unlinked business

With an unlink mention, you’re halfway towards earning a link. You just need to reach the site which has given a reference of your business without a clickable link and request them to convert that unlink mention to a clickable backlink. Thus, unlink mentions are considered to be great link building opportunities

How do you find relevant unlinked mentions?

Type the name of your business into Ahrefs’ Content Explorer.






Check “one article per domain” box to narrow the list to see the unique results.

unlinked business





With the “highlight unlinked domains” feature, you can highlight all websites that have never linked to your business.

unlinked business




Finally, check “only highlight unlinked domains”> hit “export” to get the neat list of web pages that you can pitch and pursue.

clickable link




Unlinked mentions of your branded unique products and services

 In addition to looking for unlinked mentions of your business, you can go one step ahead and look for unlinked mentions of your unique branded products and services along with.

For example, Apple can conduct a search using Ahrefs’ Content Explorer for these unique products (iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, HomePod, iCloud, Apple Music, AppleCare) to see additional unlinked mentions.

Here is an example of an unlinked mention of their ‘HomePod’ product.






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