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The latest technological advances have opened a new set of possibilities for the businesses. It’s up to the organizations to manage changes effectively and produce more value.  To, make it happen, the digital leaders in an organization need to acquire a whole new range of skills. We will discuss about some of these skills here:

Digital DIY knowhow

The ‘Do It Yourself’ or DIY movement is fast becoming a trend where simple but unexpected solutions are found out through the concept of ethical hacking. It involves cutting across workplace barriers without violating rules. Businesses are encouraging digital DIY skills to tap into a huge potential for improvement, change and entrepreneurial spirit.

Open workDigital Workforce

Also known as ‘working out loud’, it allows a business to accomplish tasks by leveraging networking possibilities and connecting far-flung teams through virtual workplaces. This is the method of narrating the workstream lightly on a social network or any other participative medium. It also increases the agility of the business with effective use of digital network.

Radical transparency

Most forward-thinking and proactive organizations are taking advantage of the increasing transparency in today’s digital world and obtaining the right information. They are doing it by facilitating stronger relationships among communities, customers and their workforces. They are trying to create a culture of sharing to drive better decision-making, less customer frustration and better employee management.

Network leadership

The digital leaders of today should be able to guide and influence others by making the best use of the digital channels. Digitals networks are powerful mediums for self-expression and the leaders can use them more effectively to gain inputs, change minds, establish tie-ups and facilitate collective actions towards achieving a common goal. They must use the power of digital networks more through consensus building and ‘two-way dialogues’.

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