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Why Are Micro Influencers Vital to Brands?

You may have been hearing the buzz about the term ’Micro influencers’, if you are into digital marketing. Yes, the tide is turning in favor of the ’Micro influencers’ these days as more and more brands are looking at them as a viable marketing option.

Who exactly are micro-influencers?

They are individuals considered experts/specialists in their respective fields. They can be a traveler, a food blogger, a fitness guru or even a local fashionista, among others, and often have followers in the range of 1000 to 50,000.

Why are they favorites for the brands?

They provide better engagement with users, compared to celebrity influencers. Any idea how? They interact with their followers more frequently and provide quicker responses to their queries. The consumers can connect and relate better to these individuals.Micro Influencers

If you want to save some bucks from your marketing budget, micro-influencers can fit the bill perfectly for you. They are way more affordable any day, than a celebrity endorser. Thus, you may decide to work with multiple micro-influencers, spread a wider net and reach out to different groups of consumers.

As a brand, you can be pretty sure of getting higher conversion rates from the micro-influencers. It’s a common tendency for people to seek opinion from someone they know whenever they are looking for a solution. Reviews, references and opinions from the micro-leaders can impact the purchasing decisions of the consumers a big way.

Are you looking to tap into a specific niche market? Well, micro-specialists are what you need right now! Micro-influencers cater to specific areas of expertise, appeal and style. All you need to do is to find out a micro-influencer (or a group of them) that aligns closely with the interests of the people who you value as customers. They can influence your niche buyer personas and can prompt them to buy your products/services.

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