Your personal Virtual Assistance Team- A 360 degree approach to your business needs

Mirania Data Systems was launched in January 2015. Our Infrastructure is strategically located in Guwahati, the main business hub of North East India. Right from the commencement, the company management has strived to offer supreme quality and customer satisfaction to its clients globally. Developed from experience gained in the course of long-term partnerships, we are better equipped than most of our competitors with up-to-date technology and human resources. The Mirania Data Systems team consists of highly skilled graduates from reputed universities from all over India.

Our relationship with clients is based on the immense belief of sincerity, excellence of work, quick turnaround time and total commitment to your needs. We are proud of a reputation that was developed over the years by offering a friendly and flexible approach and thereby ensuring long term partnerships with our clients.

Who We Are


MDS has tapped into the most essential need of successful business owners, i.e., handling non-core support functions of Small or Medium Businesses. We at MDS help you break through geographical barriers providing round the clock offshore and online support services for all your business needs, so you can reap the benefits of your hard work.

If one could buy time, he would be the richest and the wealthiest of us all. Time flows incessantly and the only way to squeeze the most out of it is to multi-task within a given period. We are living in an age where technology is a way of life. It has been the biggest boon to mankind since the discovery of fire.

MDS’ core competency lies in the use of state-of-the-art technology, which helps in traversing time zones and adding more time into your 24 hour schedule. The world of business is a huge cauldron of simmering ideas and why should you stress over business support services, spending time behind your desk when you can meet clients and make important deals, and in the process expand your business?

MDS understands that non-core business areas are the necessary evils of any business, and we are ready to help you deal with them. Why hire a full or part-time specialist on your company payroll, paying benefits and other wages for services that can be received for half the price and the best of skills from a different part of the world?

Take charge of the situation by eliminating processes that do not contribute to direct profit generation and concentrate on your business. Integrate the most sound technological support with the best competitive prices, you are welcome aboard Mirania Data Systems.

Our Skills

Check our Core Skills

Market Research 100%
Content Writing 90%
Competitor Analysis 90%
Web Research 90%
Social Media 90%
WordPress/CMS 90%
Photoshop 55%
Data Entry 90%