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Article Writing and Copyrighting

Article Writing and Copyrighting

We at Mirania Data Systems understand the importance of content and article writing work. Writing is like putting your expressions in ink and documenting any event. Content is one of the prime factors which promotes, informs, documents, knowledge and stores past, present and future incidents. There are various dimensions of content writing which will take you from one level to the other in a manner you could never imagine.

In today’s digital domain or the internet you need unique content to build on your business. Keeping that in mind we try to develop and provide unique content for our clients understand the need and seriousness of content for any SEO’s or clients and impact that it has on their business. We have experienced writers who could deliver precise and unique content to our clients which are bound to deliver result oriented work for our clients. Content writers in Mirania Data Systems are not limited to just one domain of content writing but have worked on numerous topics ranging from article writing, content development for blogs, product reviews, copywriting, press releases, synopsis, creative writing and many more topics.

The idea behind content is to deliver the correct message to the viewers or customers or crowd and give them a crystal clear understanding of what we want to portray. Content is always the ‘KING’ and the importance is well known by all and the impact that it could have on people.

Creating quality content is the main purpose of SEO. There are various factors which lead to building a great Content and five basic points is highlighted under the following heads such as-

1. Unique and relevant
2. Keyword focused
3. Link worthy
4. Sound structure
5. Linkerati appeal

Unique and relevant- To create a unique and relevant content you have to keep in mind what you are getting into such as keeping on top of industry news is one of the best ways to practice.

Keyword focused- Keywords are one of the vital ingredients for an SEO and some of the things that you have to look after are making use of headings, bold headings, using keywords in a tag line, using keywords in a body text, in outbound links, using variations without sticking to exact keywords and using alternate attributes.

Link Worthy- Using resources by guiding the traffic to your area and linking it with some links pointing to useful resources around the web. Including research, controversy and humor is also a great addition to generate traffic.

Sound content Structure- The content that you prepare should be bearable by creating short paragraphs which will make the content crisp and easier to grasp. Including images to your content with great headings, spelling and grammar is what you should do or rather what we at Mirania Data system do.

We are sure that these few basic tips and structuring of our services in content writing and copywriting might give you an insight into what we actually do. However this is just a glance of things we do and there are a lot more you can experience when you explore our services.

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