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How to Make Meetings Enjoyable?

Are you tired of boring meetings? Want to know the secret behind a successful meeting? Want everyone’s contribution to the conference?

Then you have arrived at the right destination! 

We have often come across long meetings that turned out to be boring with no conclusion or lacking direction. These meetings lack productivity, having no motive. And there’s no denying the fact that we can’t even force people for their attention span.

The leading cause for such unsuccessful meetings is the lack of preparation and planning. Calling everyone on board and making them comfortable in their seats is the easy part, but it’s challenging when it comes to getting their attention span. This lack of coordination among the teammates will lead to misdirection, and everyone will end up discussing things in general.

A meeting that doesn’t bring practical conclusions will waste resources and time for the company. For instance, if you are gathering a group of people for an important meeting and you don’t prepare a well comprehensive presentation, then, unfortunately, you will end up wasting the valuable time of the organization, which could be utilized in other ways. This is not meant to discourage you but to show the bitter side of the truth. That’s why leaders need to prepare a phenomenal plan that will lead to a fruitful meeting.

Here are the 5 secrets to a successful meeting:

  1. Setting motive for the meeting

Everything in the world has a motive, and so does a meeting. Before starting the session, list out the agendas that are needed to be discussed and further branches of discussion and scope that can be generated based on that. If you convey your plans to your teammates before the meeting starts, they will have a distinct vision and they will be prepared beforehand.

      2. Give a chance to others to prepare

Not many people are aware, but the team members attending the meeting also need to prepare some side notes to make the meeting effective. To execute this point, the leader must share the meeting agendas at least a day before the meeting.

      3. Resume but not Restart

Resuming the meeting where you left off will help your team members get an edge before the next meeting. It will provide some time for them for critical thinking and pondering over some of the aspects of the meeting. Since you have already shared your agendas, this will depict a clear vision about your session to generate valuable points for the next meeting.

      4. Get predictable outcomes after the meeting

Executing a meeting perfectly will be good, but if you involve your employees in some activity before and after the meeting, it will be a next-level great meeting. Every fruitful discussion produces specific actions required to get done before or after the next meeting or before the commencement of the next project. A predictable outcome can generate strategies and steps to be taken by employees for the company. Accomplishing such actions will not only focus on the meeting but the after-effects of the meeting too.

       5. Getting teammates relatable to the scenario

Sometimes, going off track in a meeting works as an attention gainer tool in a meeting. For instance, if you address the problems related to a specific plan and discuss your personal experience related to it, this will initiate them to come forward and speak up. By sharing agendas and inviting people, you are basically letting people know that you are ready to discuss the company’s problems with them. This strategy is effective to a great extent and increases the efficiency of the people.


All these crucial points will lead to effective, productive, and efficient meetings without any wastage of time and resources of the company. If a leader spends a little bit of time and effort on the meeting, then it will save hours of discussion in the final meeting and motivate people to contribute to the next project. The right direction and motive are the keys to a successful meeting.

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