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Knowledge Process Outsourcing. What is it and how does it help a business?

Every process has its own requirements and has defined perquisites which come along with it. A process where there is a necessity of knowledge in one form or another to manage the process is defines as a KPO. Let us suppose that you have a process which cannot be automated and you require additional people who can think and be proactive to your requirements with their skill sets and knowledge which urges the need of hiring a skilled set of people who can deliver your requirements or a KPO.

The emergence of KPOs has witnessed an entry of new service providers  and upcoming of new league of entrepreneurs in the industry who are professionals like doctors, engineers, lawyers, chartered accounts and so on in  the outsourcing industry. Establishing a KPO is much cheaper as compared to  the Business Processing and Outsourcing (BPO). BPO has a much larger setup  than a KPO as it consists of larger manpower, bigger infrastructure,   resources, administration, HR activities, transportation and etc. However  the requirements that you need in a KPO are minimal entry requirements,  lower setup costs, lower infrastructure and lower manpower. You also need a large CRM or back end processing to keep a BPO running, where as in KPO this scenario does not build up and maximum utilization of minimum resources effectively rule applies. This trend and requirements of KPO has led to the growth of freelance work in the industry and this process is evolving every passing day.

Basic benefits from a KPO

There are many benefits of outsourcing your work to different KPO’s; some of them are listed below:

Cost factor– When a company decides to outsource a business or hire a KPO for their work it saves them ample amount of money on employee salaries and benefits, hiring cost, overheads, training cost and other management expenses.

Faster turnaround– There is a significant time advantage factor as it gives the service provider to work round the clock and completing tasks on or before   time.

Use of updated software– With passing time new and better software are available in the market which also gives an edge to your business and helps it to  be more technically sound.

Data security– It gives you the required data security to your data as clients sign security statements and service agreements as outsourcing companies own their own secure FTP networks giving complete data security to the clients.

Accuracy– The accuracy of work that you could find in a KPO is next to none as if the projects offered to the KPO are not accurate it will get rejected which  will lead to non-payment of dues, that is why the companies maintain stringent quality checks before they forward the project. According to reports 99.9%  accuracy is delivered and expected from the clients end makes the quality of work most effective.

• Outsource to India– India is world’s largest KPO destination and according to a study conducted by the United Nations Conference on trade and development (UNCTD) and National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) illustrates that the global KPO market reached $17 billion in 2010 and still rising out of which 70% of the jobs are outsourced to India. Four out of ten KPO projects gets outsourced to Asia will come to India which only goes on to prove that the cost and skilled professional are plenty in India.

Looking into the current trends KPO’s are here to stay and evolve with time generating new domains of work and creating employment. It will be highly recommended for you to hire a KPO service if your process involves knowledge and the best place to hire a KPO in the world is none other than India.

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