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50 Things a Virtual Assistant Can Do for You

A virtual assistant is almost like secretary or an executive assistant for you but without the small details you have to take care of with a permanent employee. For example when you are on vacation, you need not be worried of having to pay your assistant even because you are not fully utilizing his or her services while you are away. A virtual assistant or a VA can assist you with tasks on an as need basis such as making calls, sending out “Thank You” cards to prospective clients, sending out birthday cards to contacts, etc.50-things-a-VA-can-do-for-your-business

Hiring a skilled virtual assistant, even just for an hour or two can save up valuable time on the go. In the current age of multitasking and stress at workplace it becomes quiet hectic for the managers to rightly schedule their daily tasks in an efficient manner. And this is where you need a virtual assistant per se. Technically speaking, virtual assistants commonly known as VAs provide professional services to clients worldwide. They are self-employed and deliver administrative, technical or creative assistance and support. By doing all this, they usually make life a lot easier for the busy executives.

But while choosing a virtual assistant, be sure to do a background check, particularly when they would handle financial transactions, mailing lists, sensitive projects, confidential online files and web properties.

So here is a list of 50 things that you can outsource to a virtual assistant and free up valuable time for yourself to go on that family vacation.

  1. Checking to do lists
  2. Affiliate Program Management and Monitoring
  3. Updating of Websites and Follow Up
  4. Prepare and send the email campaigns on time
  5. Organizing the pre essentials like Google Drive, Dropbox etc,
  6. Creating spreadsheets
  7. Handling project management activities
  8. Writing of press releases
  9. Setting up of podcasts
  10. Data entry tasks
  11. Sending out client invoices
  12. Preparing client presentations
  13. Writing blogs and formatting them as per your website requirements
  14. Moderating Facebook comments
  15. Updating websites with content
  16. Proofreading of documents
  17. Transcribe audio/visual files
  18. Setting up Facebook ads
  19. Uploading  videos to FaceBook
  20. Creating of auto- responders
  21. Chase up of late payments
  22. Managing Business Schedules
  23. Finding new sales leads online
  24. Preparing the monthly search engine optimization and Google Analytics reports
  25. Developing original content
  26. Building professional rapport and relations with clients
  27. Regular blogging
  28. Sending out greeting cards
  29. Managing  events
  30. Creating newsletters
  31. Basic book keeping activities
  32. Creating of Canva images
  33. Travel planning
  34. Preparing the minutes of meetings
  35. E- Book formatting
  36. Engaging in research tasks
  37. Engage in personal shopping
  38. Obtaining Quotes from Suppliers
  39. Setting up of appointments
  40. Retrieval of online enquiries
  41. Updating the data in CRM
  42. Initiate hiring using reference checks
  43. Charitable group management
  44. Preparing contracts and proposals
  45. Monitor online discussions for the brand
  46. Engaging in reminder services
  47. Managing spreadsheet formulae
  48. Managing credit control
  49. Customer service management
  50. Apply for jobs on your behalf

Overall, it makes sense to try out a virtual assistant.

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