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Don’t Get Your Social Media Strategies Wrong.

Social media doesn’t give you superhuman abilities to attract people against their will to follow you and your business. Let’s not get into the trap of the followers bandwagon. Because they are not going to help you sell more.

It is really an illusion. Come to think of it. If you suddenly have one million followers in your Instagram today, does it mean your sales will skyrocket?

No that’s very far away from the truth.

It’s more about being in touch with people who matter and building relationships with them. Show them that you are there and they can get in touch whenever they need you.

And let’s get it right. Anyone who wants to purchase from you will first Google and search you on social media. Social media sells your business before any of your employees get to do it.

So ideally build your brand on social channels. Choose your channels. It can be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, or Pinterest. Or still better, go for all of them. You never know where your customers will try and find what you are selling.

And keep going at the social media stuff longer than your customers. Don’t quit. It’s those businesses that don’t get tired that usually win.

When you start a business you want to run it for years. Isn’t it? So do the same with your social media. It will pay off in the long run.

Become an idea’s machine and come up with ideas.

Interesting designs, product pictures, office pictures, anything. But keep it interesting.

Educate and help your customers, do not try and sell to them. Wanting followers is a desperate cry for attention and that is a selfish goal whcih doesn’t work.

Master social media with your creative streak and dump your selfish agenda aside. Be helpful, unite and show the path when there is darkness.

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