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whatsfaceWorld’s leading social network Facebook has recently acquired WhatsApp for $19B, the popular messaging service that has revolutionized the telecom industry.  As a result of this acquisition, the entire team of WhatsApp would be joining Facebook with the objective of making the world more connected. Both Facebook and Whatsapp intend to come up with services that would facilitate people to share any type of media with their friends or any group. They aim to develop a unique service that people across the globe would love to use.

WhatsApp, launched in 2009 has emerged as the most reliable mobile messaging application that is used by more than 450 million people across the world. Over one million people use WhatsApp every day and now, its merger with Facebook will help connect one billion people.  Countless people depend on WhatsApp for communicating with their contacts regularly.

According to Mark Zuckerberg, WhatsApp will continue to function autonomously within Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg further added that the product roadmap will remain the same and Facebook would offer its assistance to aid WhatsApp in growing and connecting the whole world. It is also expected that this merger will help make basic internet service affordable for one and all.

WhatsApp will be complementing Facebook’s existing chat services and messaging services. Facebook Messenger is extensively used for conversing with your friends on Facebook where as WhatsApp is popularly for chatting with your phone contacts and small groups. Though Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp serve two different and significant uses, Facebook plans to continue investing in both so as to provide people with unique experiences.

As more and more users are moving to mobile devices, Facebook is bringing together a group of applications as it aims to lead the arena of social networking. Facebook had also approached Snapchat last year to propose a deal.

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