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Business Milestones: Trust the Timing

We all strive hard to meet our business milestones. #Milestones convert #BusinessPlans into concrete terms with #deadlines, #responsibilities and #budgets attached. However, it’s important to trust the timing while identifying your key business milestones. Firstly you should schedule your key milestones. Some of your key milestones may include #HiringEmployees, developing and designing the products to sell, securing your office space,  [ Read More ]

Link Reclamation

Link reclamation is the process of pitching the corresponding website to place your lost link back. We have learned how difficult it is to build backlinks. What if you witness your site losing some or a few of the backlinks which you had built through a lot of hard work and dedication? It will be a frustrating experience. Won’t it?  [ Read More ]

Content creation is the future

Content is the new ‘buzzword’ everywhere! You can make a great career out of ‘contents’. Effective content creation leads to the success of a business. Don’t believe this? Go through this blog. Thanks to content creators, ideas have become more accessible now. They do not need any prior experience. All they need is a great idea. They do not even  [ Read More ]

Is personal development a lifelong process?

In order to #prosper in life, you need to work on your personal development so that you can polish your #skills and overcome your shortcomings so as to keep failures at bay. It is said that “Failures are the pillars of success”. Nevertheless, in this era of cutthroat #competition, continuous failures won’t lead you anywhere.   Holistic Personal Development     [ Read More ]

Unlinked mentions of your business

An unlinked mention of your business is a reference of your business on another site without a clickable link.             See this example: With an unlink mention, you’re halfway towards earning a link. You just need to reach the site which has given a reference of your business without a clickable link and request them  [ Read More ]

Businesses are so engrossed with marketing that they often overlook the most crucial aspect. THE ROI. So let’s get to the point. You have run a stupendous #marketing #campaign and it’s time to calculate Return on Investment (#ROI). How do you do it? There are two methods A simple ROI calculation method Here, the calculation is done by integrating the  [ Read More ]

Get a Little Curious

Human intellect is very powerful. The first step towards change. We all agree that it’s our intellectual capacity that separates us from others. It’s human intellect that makes us aware of ourself, our life, how to live, and teaches us to respond to the environment around. So it isn’t really rocket science to understand that we should always be in  [ Read More ]

Is Leadership an Art or a Science?

Let’s get it straight! Leadership has a direct role to play in shaping outcomes of businesses, and livelihoods for that matter. And, with this immense power, questions of integrity and leadership ethics may also surface from time to time. Therefore, it’s the need of the hour to have a close look at how leaders can impact people through their actions  [ Read More ]

Strategy for a 30Day Business Plan on Instagram

To have a business plan on Instagram to promote or grow your business means posting consistently to increase engagement. It can be very time-consuming to take photographs and publish on a daily basis. Having a 30-day business plan on Instagram results in efficient time management so that you can focus on other areas of your business. Here is a step-by-step  [ Read More ]

The latest technological advances have opened a new set of possibilities for the businesses. It’s up to the organizations to manage changes effectively and produce more value.  To, make it happen, the digital leaders in an organization need to acquire a whole new range of skills. We will discuss about some of these skills here: Digital DIY knowhow The ‘Do  [ Read More ]