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Every website aims for the highest quality backlinks. But, do you know that a successful backlink profile consists of quality backlinks from both high DR websites and other sources.

quality backlinks

Yes! That’s true.

Most successful backlink profiles suggest you build backlinks from Forums, message boards, Reddit, Quora, etc. Actually, these are very good places to market or promote your website and strive to build some relevant links to have a diversified backlink profile.


In this following example, you can see how Ahrefs has built a backlink on backlink


The next question may arise in your mind is – aren’t such links nofollowed?”

Yes! But some nofollowed links aren’t necessarily a bad thing. Because, most of the natural backlink profiles have a mixture of followed and “nofollowed” links.

And sharing your thoughtful insights and comments on a relevant blog or popular thread showcases you, your content, or brand in front of more people. A percentage of people may find your comment to be helpful and link to your site inevitably. Thus this process may help you earn more links.

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