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Four Responses to an Economic Slowdown

Four Responses to an Economic Slowdown

Unfortunately, due to the worldwide impact of the current crisis, economic activity has come to almost a standstill. The business community has borne the brunt and is facing such challenging times perhaps never experienced before. As businesses are trying the best they can, to stay afloat, everyone is finding ways to respond to this economic slowdown. Here, we have compiled 4 insights to respond to this situation:

Don’t be too aggressive

It’s the usual tendency for some aggressive business leaders to look for opportunity even in the times of adversity and economic slowdown. They try to woo customers ignored by competitors and act opportunistically to procure assets, talents or businesses that become easily available during such a slowdown. But, such an aggressive approach stops them from assessing the gravity of the crisis and they tend to avoid early warning signs (such as budget reduction by customers). Their investments and innovations take longer than expected to pay dividends. As a result, they end up having poor financial results.Economic Slowdown

Don’t be too defensive

Confronted by such a crisis, some business leaders go into crisis mode a little too soon. They quickly implement measures to cut operating costs, lay off manpower, stop fresh investments and preserve cash. Such a siege mentality often results in a drop in quality and customer satisfaction.

Strike the right balance

Pragmatic business leaders will look to strike the right balance between investment and cost cutting in such a scenario. A combination of a bit of defence and a little offense will open up many possible avenues to combat such a situation.

Strive for operational efficiency

Businesses that continue to strive for operational efficiency in difficult times are more likely to come out victorious from such a situation. Rather than resorting to employee layoffs, they find innovative ways to push operational efficiency. Also, such companies re-examine critical aspects of their business models, make their supply chains more organized and reduce their operating costs. This will enable them to gain more profits, as compared to the competition.

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