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Going above and beyond

Going above and beyond is a way of life for some. One of the best motivations to always go beyond the call of duty is to strive hard for continuous #improvement. Listen to your managers, customers, #clients or co-workers and put their feedbacks into action.

best motivations

Put corrective measures in place and ensure

that past mistakes do not reoccur. Another way is to anticipate the needs of your #customers or seniors at work. Try to preempt what your
leader may ask from you. Think back to your previous experience and try to read his or her mind. He will be more than happy if you are onto an #assignment even before he asks for it.

Similarly, at business, try to anticipate the needs of your customers. Your customers will be loyal to you if you can address their needs with your services or products. If you have a great idea let people know about it. You may have #conceived an idea that can help a great deal to improve the #efficiency of yourself and your teammates. So spread the word.

Another idea maybe to boost the #finances of your organization. This way, you can show everyone around that you are #innovative and are
#dedicated towards constant improvement. It will leave a long lasting impression on people who matter.

Have you come across a seemingly strange request from any of your customers? Don’t overlook it. Don’t say sorry, just for the sake of saying it. Go out of your way, if possible, to help the person. This attitude will speak volumes about your #commitment. You will be noticed by everyone around you.

Thus, going beyond the call of duty is always one of the best motivations.

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