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How to Make Meetings Enjoyable?

Are you tired of boring meetings? Want to know the secret behind a successful meeting? Want everyone’s contribution to the conference? Then you have arrived at the right destination!  We have often come across long meetings that turned out to be boring with no conclusion or lacking direction. These meetings lack productivity, having no motive. And there’s no denying the  [ Read More ]

Get Traffic from Sites with Broken Links

You know what the most awful thing is when you are browsing through a website. The dreaded #404 error. Dead links hurt and contribute to a poor user experience and nobody wants to have broken links on their website.   Many sites have broken links and this is a area which you can explore to build up the link building  [ Read More ]

Irrespective of the tactic most people use, they all struggle to build effective links to their site. Here, in this article, I want to share 9 easy but very effective link building strategies that will help you build needle-moving links and drive more traffic. The first one is OUTREACH STRATEGY. Outreach  Outreach is contacting websites in your niche and educating them about  [ Read More ]

Business Delegation in BPO – Successful Cooperation

Business Delegation in BPO as a Cornerstone of a Successful Cooperation Platform Business delegation is all about mutual support, mutual understanding, and mutual collaboration and the same principle applies to BPO operations as well. Before starting the delegation activities to an outsourcing company, the target company should be sure about its objectives and expectations. The company should also determine what  [ Read More ]

A good career demands time and energy

All of us want to have a remarkable career, isn’t it? In fact, there are three major areas in life and career is just one of them, together with health and relationships. Nevertheless, all three have one thing in common. All three require a lot of time and energy and none of these requires a lot of money. Let’s talk  [ Read More ]

When it comes to content branding, show that you care

If you are reading this, I am sure you are interested in content branding. Yes. By having an effective content strategy, you can educate your customers about what you do and the way you do. Your content can help you build trust and generate sales leads. By offering helpful content to your customers, your brand can show them your care  [ Read More ]

Upswing Advantage

How can Virtual Assistance help you get the business Upswing Advantage? When these difficult times end, businesses have to be on the upswing rather than the downswing. There is going to be a burst, and businesses must be ready to sprint to be at an advantage. Here is an article that will help you prepare for the Exit Strategy For  [ Read More ]

It’s no secret that businesses are always on the lookout for improving their operational processes to increase profitability. The emergence of eSourcing has led to a paradigm shift in the ways a business functions and deals with stakeholders. What is eSourcing? Simply speaking, eSourcing is the use of web-based technology to ease up the procurement process for both the suppliers  [ Read More ]

Lead market generation is a set of different marketing techniques effectively used for capturing basic details of potentially interested customers in the target audience for making the first step in your sales cycle.    In the digital marketing world, a lead is a potential customer in your target audience who may be interested in buying your products or services. Now,  [ Read More ]

What is Brand Innovation in Marketing?

We often look at innovation as something that demands highly complex technology. But, when it comes to brands, it’s not always about complex and new technology. Here, it’s more about establishing sustainable value. In addition to being a new technology or a new product, the result of innovation can often be a service, a process or a business model. Some  [ Read More ]