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Do not let what you can’t do, interfere with what you can do

This famous phrase is attributed to John Wooden, the famous NCAA basketball coach. It asks us to overcome obstacles that may come in the ways of achieving our goals, both on the personal, as well as on the professional front.

But, how can you do this?

Well, we will tell you how!

  • Focus on your strong points

Do not stress too much thinking about the obstacles and barriers you are being troubled with. Just focus on your positives or what serves you the best. It rarely pays when you are bogged down by obstacles. You can’t always control them. Can you control the economy, the marketplace, the competition, for that matter? Not really! But, you can always control how you allow these obstacles to affect you.

  • Focus on the task at hand

Are you often rushed by the thought of “I have to do everything”? It seems overwhelming at times, but it leaves you confused, more often than not. It’s important to take one step at a time. Focus on the task at hand, rather than juggling with too many, at the same time. And this will help you overcome obstacles. Overcome ObstaclesIf you have too much to do within a small time frame, break up your task(s) into realistic and workable chunks. Then put your entire focus on one chunk, at a particular point in time.

  • Plan for the obstacles

Put a plan in place to defeat your barriers well in advance. Don’t let them come from anywhere and decelerate your growth.

  • Look at the sunny side of life

Even when you are confronted with a bad situation, try to look at the brighter side of it. Think of it to be something not as bad as it could have been. Brainstorm some advantages that may result from the current situation.

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