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Use Your Time Wisely

Answer this quickly. Your time starts now – What is the most precious asset anyone can have? Property? Bank balance?

Sorry, I choose to differ!

Time asset
If you mark my words, time is the most precious asset we have. But, it’s a fast diminishing asset. It’s always ticking and we always race against it. But, not many of us look to use it in the most #efficient manner.

How to make the most efficient use of this asset called time? Here are some tips to do so. Go through these, learn to manage your time better and enjoy whatever time you have at your disposal.

Firstly, #evaluate your time. Try keeping a #track of how you spend time. If you have noticed any waste of time, make a #goal to address it.

Secondly, make a list of your goals in the order of #priority. Give a #manageable time period to yourself to #accomplish each of these goals. Assign yourself tasks for each day of the week. These tasks should be such that they can get you closer to accomplishing your goals. Do not forget to include time for personal tasks that make you happy. These may include time for #relaxation, family and so on.

Thirdly, give special attention to the goal with the highest priority. Such goals invariably come with a deadline. Assign the bulk of your time/energy to complete vital tasks associated with this goal, before moving into goals
with lower priorities. For example, you may work on this goal at a time when you have the maximum #energy (may be first up in the morning).

Next, learn to say ‘no’. You don’t have to over-#obligate yourself. #Appreciate your time and limits. A pile of unnecessary works may leave you exhausted and you may struggle eventually to #accomplish your real goals. If you feel
you have too many tasks to accomplish, #delegate your #responsibilities.

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