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Modern Approach to Productivity

Productivity comes from being efficient and efficiency comes from doing more in less time. Productivity is the rate of output against per unit of input. Executives, entrepreneurs, business tycoons and everyone around are changing their approach to achieve maximum output in their efforts towards work and life. With the changing times, productivity relies more on smart work rather than hard work alone. Quality of effort has more value than quantity. To achieve quality productivity, it is mandate to have a modern approach. In the post below, we will discuss on a few points on how to achieve productivity through a modern approach.

Break your tasks into piece meals

Bigger tasks are difficult to accomplish and keep track of. It is resourceful to break down big tasks into smaller doable mini tasks. This approach makes it easier to complete the tasks faster and also assess the work progress. Accomplishing a part of the bigger tasks further motivates us to accomplish more.

Adopt advanced technology

Use tools and processes to speed up your efficiency and save time. Productivity software are flooding the market. Technology is developing at a gigantic pace and faster efficient versions of software are coming up almost on a regular basis. Moreover, automation minimises human error and enables more output in less time in a standardized manner. It is hence advisable to automate your work and accelerate output.

Distribute the work

Do not try to accomplish all the work yourself. Build your strengths and try to utilise your strength to its fullest potential. Understand your restrictions and delegate part of your work to other people and support staffs. Everyone has his own strengths and weaknesses. Delegate the work according to the specialised skills to achieve best results. Hire the best talents to improve efficiency in your business.

Deploy channel partners

Outsource segments of work that can be done by freelancers, virtual assistants, part time staff. Deploy third party for profiles like graphic designers, website developers, tax accountants, lawyers , etc so that your work is efficient as these areas need specialists. Outsourcing can save a lot of time for the core team and also cut down on recurring over the board costs. The channel partners can be deployed on task to task basis and paid only when their assistance is required.

Do not miss your power nap

According to psychological experts, the brain cannot function at its highest efficiency over a continuous stretch of time. It needs to revitalise and recharge itself. This can be achieved by a power nap. Power naps or short breaks from work can boost alertness and boost productivity. It also helps to relive stress. However, it must be monitored that these breaks and power naps should not exceed 10-15 minutes or else it could adversely lead to loss of time.

Productivity in today’s era needs a combination of life management and time management skills. The modern approach to productivity focuses on greater results with smaller efforts. Find your own efficiency boosters and let your productivity set you ahead of others in your league. Be agile, adaptable and target to achieve more in less time.

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