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Making Data Driven Decisions to Grow your Business

Want to use data driven decisions to stand tall amidst competition? Then you must realize the importance of improving your decision-making process. No, you just can’t rely on your gut instincts and business acumen to take critical decisions anymore. Then what’s the way ahead? We will tell you here!   Data Drive Decisions Technology is everywhere and is ruling almost  [ Read More ]

Remote Work with Virtual Assistants

Blended Business Model: Remote Work in 2020 with Traditional Employees & Virtual Assistants The blended remote work business model has come to the forefront once again, considering the unimagined circumstances the world is going through right now. In fact, there will be a surge of remote working around the world, in the year 2020 and beyond. Businesses worldwide have now  [ Read More ]

Time Travel – Give It a Thought

The idea of ‘time travel’ has been doing the rounds for quite some time now. The child in us would always like to sit on a ‘time-machine’ and like to traverse through time. But, if you ask me, most of us wouldn’t want to travel back in time and change the things we have done. Surprised? Here are my reasons!  [ Read More ]

Consistent committed income for businesses

Ensuring a consistent and committed income is quite a struggle for many businesses. Here, we will tell you 3 ways by which you can ensure this: Focus more on long-term projects Focus more on service contacts and projects that may go on for several months. By engaging in such contracts or projects, you can make better plans to continue receiving  [ Read More ]

It’s no secret that businesses are always on the lookout for improving their operational processes to increase profitability. The emergence of eSourcing has led to a paradigm shift in the ways a business functions and deals with stakeholders. What is eSourcing? Simply speaking, eSourcing is the use of web-based technology to ease up the procurement process for both the suppliers  [ Read More ]

Lead market generation is a set of different marketing techniques effectively used for capturing basic details of potentially interested customers in the target audience for making the first step in your sales cycle.    In the digital marketing world, a lead is a potential customer in your target audience who may be interested in buying your products or services. Now,  [ Read More ]

What is Brand Innovation in Marketing?

We often look at innovation as something that demands highly complex technology. But, when it comes to brands, it’s not always about complex and new technology. Here, it’s more about establishing sustainable value. In addition to being a new technology or a new product, the result of innovation can often be a service, a process or a business model. Some  [ Read More ]

If you are into the business of selling a product or service, you must have heard of the terms marketing and market research. You will also agree that the proper implementation of resources and time on these valuable techniques helps understand the latest market trends and make the right decisions to overcome the challenges in the different phases of a  [ Read More ]

Having a proper marketing mix strategy is extremely important for any retail player to sustain in the highly competitive retail industry. It helps a retail organization to measure the outcome of its marketing investments, optimize the marketing spend and improve the sales margin. Here we will discuss 4 marketing mix strategies that can help retail players to increase their sales  [ Read More ]

If you are a social media manager, you will agree that engaging with followers, crafting posts, and targeting ad campaigns is creative and at the same time a very laborious process. And, as a social media manager, you have a higher responsibility for increasing brand awareness and sales which need a consistent and regular content sharing effort. This means that  [ Read More ]