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Irrespective of the tactic most people use, they all struggle to build effective links to their site. Here, in this article, I want to share 9 easy but very effective link building strategies that will help you build needle-moving links and drive more traffic. The first one is OUTREACH STRATEGY.


Outreach is contacting websites in your niche and educating them about your content and linkable assets. Experts say that most of the effective link building tactics revolve around OUTREACH.

Link Building

And how does it work?

It’s now a proven fact that outreach always works best with linkable content and assets. Thus, creating some linkable assets aligned with your products and services (blog posts, info-graphics, awards & ranking, tools, guides & tutorials, etc.) is NECESSARY.

Whether you do it yourself or hire an experienced freelancing agency, you should never compromise on the QUALITY of the content.

Who do you reach?

1)   Find sites that have mentioned your target keywords in their articles?

2)   Find sites that have linked to similar articles on the topic?

Link Building

How do you source the relevant sites?

Content Explorer is the best tool to source relevant sites. For example “guest blogging” is one of your target keywords, you type guest blogging

Link Building


Here is another search conducted using the ‘referring domain’ inbuilt filter to see people or businesses that have linked to similar articles




Link BuildingPressing the caret on a relevant page, choosing the Referring domains report will let you see all the sites linking to that page.





Finally, either you or your hired freelancing agency can make a list of these sites, source their emails, and contact them.

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