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Anyone Who Keeps Learning Stays Young

Henry Ford was so very right!! No, I am not the only one who says this. In fact, neurologists
have validated this through numerous #research works. If we keep learning, new nerve pathways are created inside our brain. It leads to improved #cognitive function, enhanced memory and deceleration of the ageing process.

keep learning

If you keep on learning, you can gain other benefits too. It keeps your mind fit and sharp,
enhances your self-confidence, helps you build/ sharpen your #skills and lets you #connect to people with similar interests.

Now, go ahead and ask me – how to keep on learning all the time? Well, here are a few tips! Discover what interests you. Make a list of things you are curious about and seek out extra #information about those whenever you find time.

Another way is to read quality #books. They are the guiding lights to great ideas. Pick books of the subject of your interest and start #reading in bits. Some great #authors have shared their life experiences wonderfully and these will expand your thoughts big time. If you are not in to reading that much, you can listen to audio books or #podcasts as well.

Meeting or talking to smart people you admire/look up to is another useful way. You can ask them questions and learn from them, just by listening to what they have to say. You can also develop skills just by #interacting with people who are masters at their game. You will be amazed to discover that you can actually learn faster from someone you truly #admire or someone who #inspires you.

So, don’t wait to learn new things! Just get, set & go! Stay blessed! Stay young!

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