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Basic Website Tips for Every Business Owner

What are the #SEO (Search Engine Optimization) basics to ensure your site reaches the people you want to it to reach out to? Here are some basic website tips for every business owner.

Basic website

Firstly, your website should have a strong #foundation. The structure of the site should be such that the pages should load faster, information should be easier to #navigate and the overall site should be #MobileFriendly. Else, #SearchEngines will not list your #WebPages. You should rope in a reputed #SiteBuilder to help you with the #design and #security aspects. Also, you need a good #WebHost to ensure better visibility of your site.

Secondly, you need to weave specific #keywords across your pages so that they have a better chance of matching the searches of the users. Consider possible user #intents while choosing these keywords. Learn to use #LongTail keywords with high monthly searches and low/medium #competition. Remember, keywords are the ‘heart’ of SEO.

Thirdly, create relevant #content of #HighQuality. If you are able to provide high-quality information to the searcher, you will be rewarded by the search engines. Use your target keywords in #headings, #PageTitles and #MetaDescriptions. Maintain a healthy keyword #density; don’t ‘stuff’ your keywords. You can also use short keywords in the URLs of your pages. Use of video files, label photos and external/internal links are other ways of increasing traffic to your site.

Lastly, employ #OffPage SEO techniques to increase the number of meaningful links pointing to your site. Feed your website link on all prominent #SocialMedia accounts. If you have a offline store, have it listed on #GoogleMyBusiness. These website tips and measures will have clients navigating towards your site and hence your business.

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