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Can Micro Blogging Make you a Better Writer?

When Twitter came into our world, social media phobes were scared that it was going to bring an end of language by creating a vocabulary apocalypse.  Twitter, as we know, is a micro blogging site that restricts your posts to only 260 characters and this restriction may seem absurd for a writer. But this restriction on characters could actually help you become a better writer.

Well, that’s how it is.

Twitter compels you to be succinct

Twitter, it’s a micro blogging social site. As a writer, you can tend to get caught up in unneeded descriptions and monologues. In addition, there isn’t enough room for symbols, spaces and punctuation. This restriction on the number of characters forces you to get to the point by keeping it short.

You may now be thinking, 140 characters are just not enough for me to get my message across to people. But that’s where Twitter comes to our aid again.Micro Blogging

Improve your word choices

Due to the restrictions of a tweet, you are forced to choose your words intelligently to have a powerful impact. This makes your thinking strategic which is a great asset to have if you are a writer.

In addition to this, you get into the habit of writing more frequently which acts like an amazing verbal workout to burn those brain calories.

Practice exercising your wit

Twitter provides a great opportunity for crafting witty phrases. Even though you are not witty in real life, you can practice and show-off your funny bones on Twitter.

Learn how to write engaging content

You get feedback on your writing almost instantly on Twitter, based on how they react to your posts. This helps you understand what works with our audience and how to write something that can keep them engaged. There’s a lot of scope for experimenting with differe nt styles of writing which can also boost your confidence.

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