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Entrepreneurship as a Method

It’s time to put your thinking cap on! Ever wondered if we have been judging entrepreneurship the wrong way? Are we confining it to be just a subject taught in B-schools or a sub-discipline of management or economics? We never think entrepreneurship as a method.

If we are doing it, we are making a mistake of falling into a category error. Entrepreneurship has everything in it to become a large social force. However, to be able to recognize it, we will have to expand our horizons.

One way to do so is to rethink entrepreneurship as a ‘method’. This method should comprise of human action comparable to social forces such as democracy. It can be another form of a scientific method, which can tackle ongoing problems faced by the mankind as a whole.Entrepreneurship

This reformulation of entrepreneurship will give us a whole new dimension, encompassing futuristic policies, practices and pedagogies in many ways. But, we have an enormous task ahead to determine the exact applicability of this method in solving problems in the social realm. We will need to explore and interpret the problem space in more concrete terms. We need to ask questions such as – how can the entrepreneurship method compete with existing socio-political and regulatory methods? How can it complement other approaches while solving a particular problem? So on and so forth!

Roll up your sleeves! You can gain more insights by observing experienced entrepreneurs in action, examining their documents and discussing with them. This will help you to figure out how they think and act. Thus, you will be able to determine the logical relationship between entrepreneurial mechanisms and the ways they unleash human potential.

If we choose to embark on this endeavor, we would be able to contribute towards a revolution that is already shaping the world in the 21st century.

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