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Time Travel – Give It a Thought

The idea of ‘time travel’ has been doing the rounds for quite some time now.

The child in us would always like to sit on a ‘time-machine’ and like to traverse through time. But, if you ask me, most of us wouldn’t want to travel back in time and change the things we have done.

Surprised? Here are my reasons!

I believe we all learn from our failures. No matter how much we were hurt by them; we would never like to undo them. I personally would not turn the clock back and breeze past those painful times. I believe, it’s our failures that turn us into who we are today; not our successes!

Don’t make the mistake! Every success is a moment to rejoice as any professional is proud of his or her accomplishments. It’s a great feeling, to say the least! At the same time, the embarrassment of failures can be equally painful, if not more. Believe me; I have met people with inspirational stories of how they have experienced great successes in life after navigating turbulent journeys of failure. The rollercoaster ride down from the road of failures to the zenith of success is extremely exhilarating. This is the time when you learn to look at life. This is what defines you!

If you go from the position where you had literally nothing, to having it all – you have a reality check. You realize you have most of the people by your side only while you have something to give back to them. This is where you get powerful insights about the world and the people around you; and about life, for that matter!

After seeing the cycle of failure and success in the people I admire, I figured out something great! Had people not failed, no way could have they touched such great heights in their careers.

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