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What is guest blogging? Guest blogging is pitching another website in your niche for publishing a unique well-written article that has backlinks to your site. How does it work?   This is an example of a guest post. You can see how cleverly their website is linked back with the ‘The SEO Project’ anchor text.       How do  [ Read More ]

Resetting business Post COVID-19 is the most important initiative that every business has to welcome and embrace. The pandemic caused by COVID-19  has been a tough break for small as well as large businesses that are trying their best to chalk the survival strategies to deal with the pandemic. The global lockdown is hitting economies hard, and the future seems challenging amid  [ Read More ]

The latest technological advances have opened a new set of possibilities for the businesses. It’s up to the organizations to manage changes effectively and produce more value.  To, make it happen, the digital leaders in an organization need to acquire a whole new range of skills. We will discuss about some of these skills here: Digital DIY knowhow The ‘Do  [ Read More ]

Four Responses to an Economic Slowdown

Four Responses to an Economic Slowdown Unfortunately, due to the worldwide impact of the current crisis, economic activity has come to almost a standstill. The business community has borne the brunt and is facing such challenging times perhaps never experienced before. As businesses are trying the best they can, to stay afloat, everyone is finding ways to respond to this  [ Read More ]

When it comes to content branding, show that you care

If you are reading this, I am sure you are interested in content branding. Yes. By having an effective content strategy, you can educate your customers about what you do and the way you do. Your content can help you build trust and generate sales leads. By offering helpful content to your customers, your brand can show them your care  [ Read More ]

Entrepreneurship, Books to Read

Entrepreneurship is trending off late. And why wouldn’t it! Who wouldn’t want to own something that they have built? Who wouldn’t like to be their own boss? However, the path to success in owning your business and achieving success isn’t easy. So let me suggest the books to read, shows to follow, and movies to watch related to entrepreneurship? What  [ Read More ]

Consistent committed income for businesses

Ensuring a consistent and committed income is quite a struggle for many businesses. Here, we will tell you 3 ways by which you can ensure this: Focus more on long-term projects Focus more on service contacts and projects that may go on for several months. By engaging in such contracts or projects, you can make better plans to continue receiving  [ Read More ]

Lead market generation is a set of different marketing techniques effectively used for capturing basic details of potentially interested customers in the target audience for making the first step in your sales cycle.    In the digital marketing world, a lead is a potential customer in your target audience who may be interested in buying your products or services. Now,  [ Read More ]

What is Brand Innovation in Marketing?

We often look at innovation as something that demands highly complex technology. But, when it comes to brands, it’s not always about complex and new technology. Here, it’s more about establishing sustainable value. In addition to being a new technology or a new product, the result of innovation can often be a service, a process or a business model. Some  [ Read More ]

If you are into the business of selling a product or service, you must have heard of the terms marketing and market research. You will also agree that the proper implementation of resources and time on these valuable techniques helps understand the latest market trends and make the right decisions to overcome the challenges in the different phases of a  [ Read More ]