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What is guest blogging?

Guest blogging is pitching another website in your niche for publishing a unique well-written article that has backlinks to your site.

How does it work? ahref example


This is an example of a guest post. You can see how cleverly their website is linked back with the ‘The SEO Project’ anchor text.




How do you find good guest post prospects?Guest Blogging

Most people use Google search operators to source sites actively appealing for guest bloggers. Use the following string to uncover “write for us” pages which site owners create to attract guest bloggers.



But experts say that this method has become outdated and ineffective for the following reasons.

2) These prospects receive tons of guest post requests daily.

2) Many high-quality sites don’t explicitly state that they accept guest posts. Thus, they are not likely to appear in this search.

How to do guest blogging with a TWIST?

Instead of looking for sites designed to attract guest bloggers, just find RELEVANT sites. No site turns down a well-written, free piece of content that has the potential to attract visitors to their site.ahrefs

For example, Ahrefs doesn’t advertise about accepting guest posts. But, if someone reaches out to them with a cool idea, they mostly accept.




How do you find topically-relevant sites?content explorer

Use Content Explorer. Let’s try to find relevant sites for “link building” keyword.







To have a list of unique websites, TICK “one article per domain” checkbox content explore method

Use the inbuilt filter ‘Domain Rating’ to take off any unwanted sites. Then hit “export” to download your prospects to a CSV.




Finally, you will get a refined list of high quality sites that you can pitch for guest blogging. You can always hire a freelancing agency to save you time and get the work done more quickly.


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