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Paid Promotion for “Linkable Assets”

In one of our previous blogs on Outreach, we have already learned what the linkable assets are and how to use them for outreach. But do you know that these linkable assets have more utilities. Yes! They can be of tremendous help in getting you backlinks through paid promotion. See this following linkable asset – infographics on “infographics”: What is  [ Read More ]

Everyone will tell you how important social media is today for any business.  But, there are some finer points and hard facts no one tells you about social media for business. Here, we will have a look at some of these points you should consider. Mark your presence in multiple platforms Most people will advise you to be present in  [ Read More ]

Can Micro Blogging Make you a Better Writer?

When Twitter came into our world, social media phobes were scared that it was going to bring an end of language by creating a vocabulary apocalypse.  Twitter, as we know, is a micro blogging site that restricts your posts to only 260 characters and this restriction may seem absurd for a writer. But this restriction on characters could actually help  [ Read More ]

Don’t Get Your Social Media Strategies Wrong.

Social media doesn’t give you superhuman abilities to attract people against their will to follow you and your business. Let’s not get into the trap of the followers bandwagon. Because they are not going to help you sell more. It is really an illusion. Come to think of it. If you suddenly have one million followers in your Instagram today,  [ Read More ]

Can Copywriting Help Your business Grow?

Copywriting is a very influential tool for marketing which can lead to building long lasting relationships with customers and drive sales. Small businesses face a lot of challenges today – working with limited resources, building their brand to stand out from the crowd, building and maintaining relationships, staying within budget whilst growing the operations and finding the right people to  [ Read More ]

How Can Effective Cross Selling Help Your Business?

In simple terms, effective cross selling means selling a product/service to a customer, in addition to the item he wanted initially. When practiced correctly, cross-selling can help a business in multiple ways. Here, we will look at some of the benefits of cross-selling your business can extract: Increases profit and sales In cross-selling, existing customers are motivated to purchase more.  [ Read More ]

Strategy for a 30Day Business Plan on Instagram

To have a business plan on Instagram to promote or grow your business means posting consistently to increase engagement. It can be very time-consuming to take photographs and publish on a daily basis. Having a 30-day business plan on Instagram results in efficient time management so that you can focus on other areas of your business. Here is a step-by-step  [ Read More ]

Data Analysis Tools for Social Media

Data analysis tools for social media have become essential components of the marketing strategies of any business these days. These Data Analysis Tools can provide you with the below-mentioned advantages, when you use Facebook and Twitter in particular, as a part of your marketing mix. They can extract and analyze data which is not accessible to you otherwise They structure  [ Read More ]

Why is brand repositioning needed?

Repositioning of a brand is one of the major decisions taken by a business and it needs to have concrete reasons to move ahead with such a decision. Here, we will look into some common reasons that necessitate the need for brand repositioning. Looking to attract new customers Like all of us, our businesses age too and they need to  [ Read More ]

Its always a best practice to ensure your content marketing strategy is up-to-date and keeps your customers engaged, whether you have been using the same approach or just starting out with content marketing. There is a lot of competition out there, so you need to adopt an approach that is unique for your product in order to stand out. Here,  [ Read More ]