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Strategy for a 30Day Business Plan on Instagram

To have a business plan on Instagram to promote or grow your business means posting consistently to increase engagement. It can be very time-consuming to take photographs and publish on a daily basis. Having a 30-day business plan on Instagram results in efficient time management so that you can focus on other areas of your business.

Here is a step-by-step guide to create engaging and productive content whilst saving you a lot of time.

  1. Define why you want to use Instagram for your business – Define how Instagram is going to benefit your business. This is crucial before starting out  because when you have your purpose laid out in a statement, you will avoid getting distracted by browsing for hours.Business plan on Instagram
  2. Find your target audience – Find out who you want to target, and stay focused on their wants and needs. This will help you know what content to create for them to stay engaged and make them long for your next post.
  3. Develop your brand – Every post you share gives the audience an impression of your business. Make sure your posts are visually appealing by using particular color palettes to develop the uniqueness of your brand.
  4. Establish a routine for your posts – Post regularly at a particular time of the day. This makes your followers anticipate your next post. Then, plan out what pictures and videos you would need for 30 days. Decide whether you want to be on IGTV, stories of posts.
  5. Dedicate a day for shooting–Dedicate a day or two for taking bulk photos and videos, which would make it so much easier to post daily because you already have half of the work done. Go ahead and edit those photos and videos in advance to save more time. You can even pre-record Stories, so you don’t always have to think about what to say.
  6. Create a content calendar – Once you have decided your content, assign dates for publishing each post. This ensures that you are all in for consistency. Scheduling apps like Planoly and SocialPilot make your job even easier by notifying you when and what to post each day.
  7. Write appealing captions – Use captions that connect with your audience. Add in some inspirational and funny quotes because they are an easy way for your audience to engage with. Plan and write down your captions well in advance so you don’t end up writing in a hurry when it is time to post.
  8. Create hashtags – Find out related and popular hashtags for your posts. Do not use the same hashtags every day, in fact create a list of hashtags and assign them to your daily posts. Try to use hashtags that your audience would most likely use.

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