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The Future Isn’t Written Until You Write It

How dependent are you on the luck ‘factor’ to write your future. Well, it’s one sure way to do it and it only works if you are blessed 😃. It’s like dreaming your way into the future. For most normal people like us luck doesn’t take us anywhere! And there is another approach, the second approach, where you cut your  [ Read More ]

Standup and Own it When You Fail

#Winning at anything requires #hardwork and #dedication? But inspite of putting in the right kind of effort and doing everything that is needed, there are bound to be setbacks. But, the earlier we realize in our careers that the failures are stepping stones to success, the less stressful we are going to make it for ourselves. You should take every  [ Read More ]

Link Reclamation

Link reclamation is the process of pitching the corresponding website to place your lost link back. We have learned how difficult it is to build backlinks. What if you witness your site losing some or a few of the backlinks which you had built through a lot of hard work and dedication? It will be a frustrating experience. Won’t it?  [ Read More ]

Content creation is the future

Content is the new ‘buzzword’ everywhere! You can make a great career out of ‘contents’. Effective content creation leads to the success of a business. Don’t believe this? Go through this blog. Thanks to content creators, ideas have become more accessible now. They do not need any prior experience. All they need is a great idea. They do not even  [ Read More ]

Is personal development a lifelong process?

In order to #prosper in life, you need to work on your personal development so that you can polish your #skills and overcome your shortcomings so as to keep failures at bay. It is said that “Failures are the pillars of success”. Nevertheless, in this era of cutthroat #competition, continuous failures won’t lead you anywhere.   Holistic Personal Development     [ Read More ]

Unlinked mentions of your business

An unlinked mention of your business is a reference of your business on another site without a clickable link.             See this example: With an unlink mention, you’re halfway towards earning a link. You just need to reach the site which has given a reference of your business without a clickable link and request them  [ Read More ]

Cost Leadership, Differentiation, Focus

How critical are ‘strategies’ for a business? Well, it’s just an understatement to say that strategies are critical to business success. You must have a proper strategy in place, if you want to stand tall amidst competition. Here, we will discuss different types of business level strategies put forward by Michael Porter, a highly regarded professor from the Harvard Business  [ Read More ]

Everyone will tell you how important social media is today for any business.  But, there are some finer points and hard facts no one tells you about social media for business. Here, we will have a look at some of these points you should consider. Mark your presence in multiple platforms Most people will advise you to be present in  [ Read More ]

Businesses are so engrossed with marketing that they often overlook the most crucial aspect. THE ROI. So let’s get to the point. You have run a stupendous #marketing #campaign and it’s time to calculate Return on Investment (#ROI). How do you do it? There are two methods A simple ROI calculation method Here, the calculation is done by integrating the  [ Read More ]

Get Traffic from Sites with Broken Links

You know what the most awful thing is when you are browsing through a website. The dreaded #404 error. Dead links hurt and contribute to a poor user experience and nobody wants to have broken links on their website.   Many sites have broken links and this is a area which you can explore to build up the link building  [ Read More ]