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If you are a social media manager, you will agree that engaging with followers, crafting posts, and targeting ad campaigns is creative and at the same time a very laborious process. And, as a social media manager, you have a higher responsibility for increasing brand awareness and sales which need a consistent and regular content sharing effort. This means that any attempt to wrap up the postings or content haphazardly without a solid strategy will never yield the desired results. You have to plan, implement, and manage the social media initiatives smartly to deal with the ever-changing search engine and social media platforms’ algorithms. Ignoring these aspects is not advisable if your goal is to reach a large online audience.

What if your current to-dos consume a lot of time and keep you ever occupied? This will leave you with little maneuverability for effective planning and approach. BUT YOU MUST KNOW THIS! Without an effective content marketing plan, the opportunities may slip through the cracks thus making your social media goals ever more difficult to achieve. In that case, hiring a social media agency to manage your social media work can be very useful.

How Long Does It Take You to Make a Monthly Content Calendar?

Preparing your content production for one month in advance is a very efficient way to share your insights with your audience. The critical question here is: HOW LONG WILL THIS BULK CONTENT PRODUCTION TAKE? Based on our experience, unfortunately, we have no definite answer. Because the time consumption will depend upon the volume and frequency of posts.

However, we can make a rough estimation. If you target two posts with attractive supporting images every day on each of the primary social media platforms (Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn/Instagram/Pinterest), you have to prepare 240 posts for 30 days.

One more important thing that you must make a note of is the accepted length of a post and the size of an image are different for all social platforms. Thus, repurposing similar posts on different channels to save time on the research aspect may not be useful since you have to spend time tweaking the post to fit the platform and avoid redundancy.

If these points and calculations are taken under consideration, one effective post with a copyright-free attractive image will take 10 minutes on an average. To cope up with such volume and frequency of work, the bulk content production for a month will need 40 hours of work.

After preparing the content for one month, the next challenge is sharing the content regularly as per the plan. You can either execute the posting manually or use an automated tool for scheduling the posts. If posting manually on social sites takes you a couple of hours every day, you must look for an alternative that helps you save some valuable time.

With a reliable automated tool, you can complete scheduling all posts for one month in 8-10 hours and save around 20 or more hours of work. ContentCal and Hootsuite are a few of the social media calendar tools that have proven to be very helpful.

The following is a list of 12 effective tools that are likely to improve efficiency while scheduling social media posts. You can go through the list and choose the one that fits your requirements.

12 of the best social media calendars

Happy Posting!

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